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Posted on 09-14-2017

The Epidemic of Computer Vision in Austin

Do you work in a job where you spend all day forced to look at a computer? Are you the type who likes to veg out in front of the TV for hours while scrolling through your smartphone? If so, then you must be aware of the growing epidemic of computer vision.

man has computer vision in Austin

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is an eye condition that occurs when you spend too many hours looking at a screen. The glare and light from the screen irritate the eyes, specifically the retina. This leads to headaches, shoulder aches, and itchy, red, dry eyes.

How Has It Become an Epidemic?

Today, more so than ever, people are digitally connected. No one leaves home without their smartphone. With the prevalence of tablets, laptops, and other touchscreens, many people spend far too much time with these devices.

As mentioned, the retina is harmed the most from all that screen time. Eventually, the retina breaks down, which causes a permanent loss of vision. According to research done in the UK, children are increasingly at risk as they use smartphones, tablets, and laptops in addition to watching hours of television. The study discovered that 70 million United States children spend considerable time on more than 900 million mobile devices and don’t use glasses or protective screens. When researchers in Spain at the University Complutense of Madrid did a test on rats to see how they’d react to white LED light (which screens produce), the results weren’t pretty. Of the rats tested, a good chunk had retinal cell death, 23 percent in all. Once the retinal cell dies, permanent vision loss is likely to follow.

How Can You Prevent Computer Vision?

If you’re concerned about your child’s risk of developing computer vision syndrome (or your own), make a change today. Take breaks throughout the day, and make sure that includes time away from all screens, even smartphones. Reduce glare in your living room or office. See your optometrist if symptoms persist.

About Westlake Hills Vision Center, Your Optometrist in Austin

Do you want to learn more about preventing computer vision or even get some tips for treating it? Come see us at Westlake Hills Vision Center, your optometrist in Austin. We offer services such as LASIK, hard-to-fit contacts, eye disease management and treatment, eye allergy treatment, vision and eye exams, dry eye treatment, and computer vision treatment.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact 512-651-5186 or visit us at Westlake Hills Vision Center on 3801 North Capital of TX Highway C-100.

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