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Eye Allergies in Austin, Texas

eye allergies

The bees are buzzing and the flowers are blossoming, which means that it is once again allergy season in Austin, Texas. If you are struggling with red, itchy, or watery eyes caused by allergies, we want to help you. As your Austin eye doctor Dr. Adam Drees of Westlake Hills Vision Center provides comprehensive vision services. This includes the treatment of ocular diseases and eye allergies. Discover the difference that eye allergy treatment can make in your spring and summer months. 

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Cedar Fever and Oak Allergy in Austin

Here in Austin the spring season brings with it two prominent allergens, which are cedar fever and oak allergy. Cedar fever stems from an allergic reaction to mountain cedar tree pollen that is particularly bad in the winter and spring. In fact, most Austin residents suffer from cedar fever as this tree is the most allergenic in the Austin area. Once the cedar fever has passed, oak pollen allergens fill the Central Texas air. 

Similar to cedar fever, an oak allergy results in flu-like symptoms that include itchy, red, and watery eyes. Oak trees typically pollinate March to May, which is the height of oak pollen counts. If you have allergies you may be at risk for serious allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment for eye allergies at your eye doctor in Austin. 

Understanding Eye Allergies

When you are exposed to cedar or oak pollen the tiny particles enter your eyes through direct contact. The pollen gets into your blood stream and triggers an allergic reaction if you are allergic to these particular types of tree pollens. The most common symptoms of pollen eye allergies is itchy eyes, which should not be confused with burning eyes that are caused by dry eye condition. You may also experience swollen eyelids that are heavier than normal. If you are suffering from a sinus infection in your eye this can cause discharge. As a result of the itchy, painful eye condition you may also suffer from headaches. Fortunately treatment is available at your eye doctor in Westlake Hills Vision Center.

Treating Eye Allergies

In order to combat the inevitable cedar fever, oak pollen allergy, and other spring allergens from ruining your day, consider treatment. As your Austin optometrist we can help you overcome the allergy effects on your eyes using prescription strength eye drops. You may also be a candidate for allergy shots, which would involve a referral to an allergy specialist.

For mild or spontaneous cases of seasonal eye allergies there are ways you can treat these yourself. Treatments include lifestyle changes. For example, stay indoors when pollen counts are high, and keep your windows closed during spring weather. While it may be sunny and inviting outdoors, by opening your windows you allow the pollen to come right in to your home. Take a shower before going to bed each evening to wash off the pollen. Also, change your clothes after spending time outdoors during high pollen days. Other over the counter remedies include using eye drops, antihistamines, and decongestants to help remove the pollen from your sinuses. 

Meet Your Austin Optometrist for Eye Allergies

As your Austin optometrist, we are excited to assist you with treatment for allergy issues that are affecting your eyes. Dr. Adam Drees has received advanced training to treat ocular conditions including eye allergies. Contact Westlake Hills Vision Center at 512-651-5186 to schedule an appointment with your Austin eye doctor for the treatment of eye allergies. We are currently offering a waived co-pay for new patients; mention our website when scheduling to receive this discount.

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