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Pediatric Eye Care at Westlake Hills Vision Center

Pediatric Eye Care with Austin Optometrist at Westlake Hills Vision Center

If you are looking for pediatric care by an Austin optometrist let us help you at the Westlake Hills Vision Center. We understand the importance of protecting your child’s vision and eyes. To protect your child’s ocular health we offer eye exams for children, as well as specialized services for pediatric eye diseases. Take care of your child’s eye and vision health by choosing our comprehensive eye center as your Austin eye doctor.

Importance of Early Pediatric Eye Care

The sooner you can begin pediatric eye care for your child, the better. In fact, newborns are screened for congenital eye disorders when they are born. It is recommended that babies see an optometrist any time from birth to 6 months in normal conditions. If your child has risk factors or abnormalities then you want to see an Austin eye doctor as soon as possible. These include having a low birth weight, or the mother having a history of substance abuse or AIDS-related infections. Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of eye disorders and eye disease offers children the best chance of preventing eye conditions from advancing. 

Eye Exams for Children by Austin Eye Doctor 

As your child reaches school age they should have regular eye exams by an Austin eye doctor. Routine eye exams conducted annually will help your optometrist at Westlake Hills Vision Center to detect any vision problems or eye conditions. Children at this stage are growing rapidly, and any eye or vision issues could occur at any time.

Furthermore when a child is unable to see clearly due to conditions, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, this can make learning more difficult. If your child is being evaluated for learning disabilities or because they are not progressing as expected, you want to make an appointment with your Austin optometrist immediately. Often times eye problems and vision issues are related to an inability to learn. 

Austin Eye Doctor Services for Kids

As your Austin eye doctor we provide specialized services for children. For starters, we offer objective testing as an affordable and efficient way to inspect the eyes, pupils, and red reflex. Using a flashlight your child’s optometrist can do a simple yet effective eye exam for the most active of children. We also use visual acuity charts that replace the standard letter charts with symbols that a young child can easily identify.

Using an eye patch we can gently test a child’s vision in each eye without causing them any discomfort. Our goal with pediatric eye care services is to make the experience as easy and comfortable for both the child and you as the parent or caregiver, while still maintaining the effective standards of an eye exam.

Eye Diseases and Children

If your child is suffering from eye diseases, such as lazy eye, pink eye, color blindness, or astigmatism, we offer comprehensive eye care solutions here at Westlake Hills Vision Center. Dr. Adam Drees trained in minor surgical techniques, advanced ocular disease, and specialized contact lens fitting during his residency for his doctor of optometry degree.

His specialties allow him to effectively treat and manage eye diseases of children. As an eye disease specialist for children Dr. Drees also works closely with primary care physicians, if your child has been diagnosed and is treated by their primary care practitioner.   

Your Austin Pediatric Optometrist 

When you bring your child to your optometrist at Westlake Hills Vision Center you can rest assured they will be treated kindly and professionally. Dr. Drees provides comprehensive eye care for children of all ages. Contact Westlake Hills Vision Center of Austin, Texas today at 512-651-5186 to schedule a pediatric eye exam or consultation.

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