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Ortho-K in Austin

In addition to eyeglass fitting and contact lenses, Dr. Adam Drees can provide Ortho-K vision therapy, a method of improving your vision while you sleep. Providing superior eye care is a primary concern at Westlake Vision Center in Austin. Our professional knowledge and training, along with a commitment to providing individualized care for our patients, make Westlake Vision Center stand out from the rest.

ortho-k is a vision correction treatment offered with a local Austin optometrist at Westlake Hills Vision Center

Ortho-K Offers a New Vision Correction Option

Orthokeratology, popularly known as “Ortho-K,” is a method of correcting vision through the wearing of special contact lenses during the night. These lenses reshape the cornea as you sleep, providing a corrected shape of the corners for clearer daytime vision.

The therapy can be used to correct nearsightedness, astigmatism, and hyperopia. It is also sometimes used to correct presbyopia, the farsightedness that often occurs with aging. The gas permeable lenses are “breathable” to allow them to be worn comfortably during the night. The gentle reshaping of the cornea lasts for about two or three days after the therapy, although it can sometimes last even longer.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Ortho-K Vision Therapy?

Anyone who has myopia is a good candidate for Ortho-K vision therapy. Children that dislike wearing corrective lenses, but are too young for LASIK eye surgery are also good candidates for Ortho-K. If you are an athlete or work in a dusty environment where the use of contact lenses is not recommended, you may be a good candidate for Ortho-K.

How Is Ortho-K Vision Therapy Done?

Your optometrist in Austin will do a thorough examination of your eyes and measure the surface of your corneas with special equipment. The optometrist may have an inventory of special lenses or may have to have the lenses custom made.

The lenses are then placed in the eyes at bedtime. You may feel the lenses on the eyes for the first few days, after which you will become accustomed to them. Some people experience significant vision correction after only a few days. Individuals who have more severe refractive vision problems may have to wear them for several days before noticing an improvement.

Full 20/20 vision is the goal, but achieving 20/40 vision is considered a successful outcome for the therapy. You may need several changes of corrective lenses before seeing full improvement in vision. The lenses are safe to use. In fact, these special lenses can be used to prevent worsening nearsightedness in children.

Contact Westlake Hills Vision Center for Ortho-K in Austin

Dr. Adam Drees and trained staff at Westlake Hills Vision Center take pride in providing the highest quality vision care for their patients in Austin, TX, Westlake, Davenport, Rob Roy, Lost Creek and Senna Hills.

Contact our Westlake Hills Vision Center today at 512-651-5186 for an appointment to learn more about how Ortho-K therapy can help you see better without glasses.

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