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Eye & Vision Exams From Our Austin Eye Doctor

Eye Exams in Austin

At Westlake Hills Vision Center, our Austin eye doctor takes great pride in offering quality optometry services to Austin and the surrounding areas of Westlake, Davenport, Barton Creek West, and beyond. One of the more common services Dr. Adam Drees provides in his office is that of eye and vision exams, which we recommend most patients have done once a year.

Why Regular Eye Exams Matter

One of the biggest misconceptions patients have is that they only need to come in for eye and vision exams when they've begun to notice a change in their vision or another problem with their eye health. However, we strongly encourage patients to come in annually for an eye exam, even if they haven't noticed any changes or problems with their ocular health. 

By coming in for an annual exam, our optometry team can be on the lookout for possible signs of eye health problems that may not otherwise have obvious symptoms. Furthermore, regular exams allow us to stay on top of any changes in your corrective eyewear prescription—no matter how small they may be!

What to Expect From Your Eye Exam

When you come into our office for an eye exam, we'll begin by reviewing your history and giving you an opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns you may have about your eye health. From there, we'll move onto your eye exam and vision testing. During this exam, Dr. Drees will take the time to ask you some important questions about your eye health before moving onto your vision testing.

As part of our vision testing, we will ask you to perform a number of visual acuity tests that will evaluate not only how well each eye is able to see, but the quality of your depth perception, peripheral vision, and other important aspects of your eye function (such as responsiveness to light). These tests will allow us to pinpoint any potential problems that may require further testing or a change in your eye prescription.

In addition to your visual acuity, we'll also want to make sure that your eyes are as healthy as possible. As part of your eye exam, then, Dr. Drees will take the time to physically evaluate your eye health. This will include taking a close look at the eye and eyelids, as well as the internal structures of the eye (such as a retina and optic nerve). To see these important structures inside the eye, please be aware that we may need to use eye dilation drops.

Eye Disease Screening

We can also provide screening for common eye diseases as part of your exam. One of the more common eye diseases we see in our office is that of glaucoma, a condition that occurs when pressure builds up inside one or both eyes and compresses the optic nerve. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, glaucoma can eventually lead to permanent vision loss and even blindness. We can use tonometry to easily measure the pressure levels inside the eye, so we'll know right away if you are showing symptoms of glaucoma. If so, we can review your results with you and discuss possible treatment options during your appointment.

Schedule an Exam With Our Austin Optometrist

If it's been more than a year since your last eye exam with an Austin optometrist, why not schedule yours with our team today? You can reach Westlake Hills Vision Center at 512-651-5186 to request your appointment and find out more about our wide range of optometry services offered by Dr. Drees.

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