About The Doctor

Dr. Susan Elizondo was born and raised just southeast of Houston. Growing up she loved to read and is still a bookworm to this day. When not seeing patients, you’ll often find her head in a book, though now instead of sci-fi, the books are usually on nutrition and health. Dr. Elizondo graduated 6th in her class in high school and went to Texas A&M University on scholarship where she earned a Bachelors in Genetics. During undergrad Dr. Elizondo was introduced to one of the loves of her life… Lindy Hop. Eighteen years later you’ll still find her cutting a rug on a weekly basis. After undergrad Dr. Elizondo relocated to Rochester, New York and earned a Master of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology. During this time, she developed a love of traveling and after graduate school Dr. Elizondo spent 4 months living in South America teaching English in the local schools and learning Spanish.

After returning to the United States she attended optometry school in New York City at SUNY College of Optometry spending one externship abroad in China. After graduation Dr. Elizondo decided to return home to Texas to be closer to family. Here she became active in her local optometric society (Central Texas Optometric Society) and has served 4 years and held every office: Social Chair, Treasurer, Vice President, and President.

In recent years Dr. Elizondo has developed a passion for nutrition as a method of healing diseases and practices a plant based approach to health and healing. In the 10 years she has been practicing optometry she has taken a turn from treating only eye diseases to educating patients on how systemic disease can lead to eye disease. She takes an active part in the local Whole Food Plant Based community in Austin and is one of the co-leaders of ATX Alive. This passion for the whole-body approach to eye care led her to pursue buying her own practice and she proudly took ownership of Westlake Hills Vision Center as of February 1, 2019!

Buying a practice is a huge change on the career side of things. On the personal side of things, Dr. Elizondo married her swing dancing hubby in March of 2018 and recently bought her first house off of 360 to be closer to the practice! In order to unwind she does yoga and takes long walks outside to feel the fresh air.

Dr. Suzan Elizondo