Are you tired of feeling frumpy and dated in glasses?

Are you tired of feeling frumpy and dated in glasses?

We understand the overwhelming pressure of making a decision when you face a wall of frames.  Will you pick the right ones? Will this be the wrong decision that haunts you for years to come?  It is not a decision that should be made in a rushed environment. Glasses say so much about your personality at a glance.  They reside in the center of your face so inevitably every single person that looks at you will see them. You will most likely wear them every single day.  Glasses last for years….so it could be a wrong decision you face every time you look in the mirror.  Sadly, even trusted friends will not dare say a word if your glasses look bad.  Why? They don’t want to hurt your feelings. Will you end up looking powerful and put together or frumpy and dated.  Have no doubt that if you are a CEO or leader and show up to a meeting in your 1990 narrow rectangle frames, that does not breed confidence.  It does not say I’m a successful person you want to follow.  It may even make your employees doubt the company is doing well if their fearless leader can’t afford a pair of nice glasses.  That’s where we come in.  We make sure your glasses match the image you want to project.

Are you worried that you need help up close you’ll old? Does the thought of popping on a pair of readers make you cringe because you think of your grandma doing the same thing?  Does it make you feel old and like everything is falling apart? Truthfully when you pop on those cheap rectangular over-the-counter readers that don’t fit right and sit on the bridge of the nose it does shout your age.  It can also make you look out of touch with current fashion.  That’s not the impression anyone wants to give. I recently noticed this with a colleague on a Zoom call.  I was so distracted by the glasses that I don’t hear a word she said about the product she was trying to sell me.  I’m sure the last thing a sales person wants is their target customer distracted in a bad way by their glasses.   Now what if I told you we can flip that around for you and make you look younger and more stylish with a pair of glasses?  There are glasses that you can where all the time that let you see up close so no one will know that you are wearing them because reading is hard.  Also, depending on the style, we can hide bags with a frame or give you a face lift without any surgery. We do with just the shape of the glasses.  We can make your face look longer, shorter, slimmer…you name it.  We can make you look younger, current, and hide the fact you need readers.  Recently, I was unable to get my eyebrows done so I used a strategically shaped pair to hide it.  They are so versatile.  You just have to trust us.

We take the stress out of the selection process by changing the wall of frames to a few carefully selected pieces just for you at your styling consultation. Our opticians have over 40+ years of frame styling experience.  We will make sure to get you glasses that let you do everything you want to do. Now, most likely won’t be able to do that with one pair of glasses.  Generally we help our patients curate an eyewear wardrobe so no matter what the task they are seeing clearly.  If you are sitting at a computer all day and ending with eyestrain at the end of the day we usually need to explore a second pair for the computer.  I had one patient that had spent thousands of dollars on doctors from neck pain and headaches.  Turns out, all he needed was a pair of glasses for the computer.

I had a very spirited patient who had just sold his business and was working on honing his golf game in his new found retirement.  We discovered together, that it would help if he could see the ball and where he was aiming and set him up with a pair of prescription sunglasses that could be used on the golf course.  This took and in-depth conversation with the optician on what would work best to give him the best golf game ever.  If it’s important to you it’s important to us.

I do happen to have a soft spot for my older patients that don’t want to lose their independence.  Are you not ready for cataract surgery? We will get you glasses to get you by till you are. Do you want to still be able to do the hobbies that you have loved for years.  Let us know what they are and we can make sure to have a pair of task specific glasses made up for that hobby you love. That hobby you feel like you are losing because your vision is letting you down.  We are here for you.

What do we charge for this consultation?  Absolutely nothing and there is no obligation to buy. Our opticians are some of the best in the industry and we know that if you are impressed with their advice you will be a client for life.  As with everything that is done at an exceptionally high skill level, they make it look easy. I can’t stress enough how having the proper measurements for your glasses will make the difference of whether you can use them or not.  Having worked in multiple offices across many different settings, I can say they are a cut above the rest.  They have honed their craft.

They have styled everyone from the stay-at-home mom running after kids to the millionaire entering a board meeting.   We take the time to tease out your needs so whatever glasses you end up with on your face, they let the real you shine through.  We give a tailored, unhurried, personal experience.  We offer beverages in disposable cups so you can lounge back and feel relaxed.  Every frame is sanitized in our UVClean before and after you try it on so you have no worries about health concerns.  In fact, all of our staff wears masks and everyone is fully vaccinated and boosted as well.  We take your health as a top priority.    Our frame selection is carefully curated from independent companies.  Most of our frame lines represent someone’s livelihood.  Our frames are sustainable and made to last.  You can use the same frame for years to come.  We strive for a non-disposable culture.  On that frame we will give free adjustments for life.  You also get a lens cloth and cleaner to get you started.  We are an independent small business and appreciate everyone that crosses our doorstep and purchases glasses.  We send a thank you card after every purchase so there is no doubt that we appreciate you! And as always, we have our 60 day, “Love your Glasses Guarantee”.  That means that is you want the prescription adjusted or even the frame changed within the first 60 days we’ll do it at no additional cost to you. You can have the confidence knowing that if you don’t love your glasses, we will change what’s needed so that you do!

P.S. You’ll also get a box of truffles made by Dr. Elizondo herself when you pick up your glasses just to sweeten the deal a little more.

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo has been practicing optometry for 10 years, and proudly took ownership of Westlake Hills Vision Center in 2019. She has a passion for nutrition and practices a plant based approach to health and healing.

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