Don’t Let Readers Stand in the Way

Do you wear contacts and want better vision?   Are you constantly putting readers over your contacts to see up close?  Do you want better distance?

Ask us about Dailies Total 1 Multifocal.  The manufacturer just revamped their fitting guide instructions and it is marvelous. We are getting both clearer distance and near vision.

Why a daily vs. a monthly?  I am always a proponent of the daily because they don’t dry out as much at the end of the day.  This means better comfort for you and also better vision.  You see clearer when your eyes are moist vs. when that contact lens is dried out.

The other reason is that no matter how well you clean a lens you’ll get debris build up at the end of the month on that lens that will decrease how clearly you see through the lens.  You will always get more consistent, clearer vision with the daily because it is a brand new lens every day.

If you want to try them out schedule of course we need an updated exam to know the prescription to use.  Call/text 512-651-5186 to schedule an appointment today!



Dr. Elizondo

Westlake Hills Vision Center

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo has been practicing optometry for 10 years, and proudly took ownership of Westlake Hills Vision Center in 2019. She has a passion for nutrition and practices a plant based approach to health and healing.

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