Introducing the Bright Side Lifestyle Multifocal: The lens that feels like natural vision

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Are you someone that couldn’t comfortably wear a progressive?   Progressive lenses are a type of multifocal lens that has multiple prescriptions in the same lens, allowing the wearer to see clearly at all distances.

Progressive lenses can be a great option for people with presbyopia, an age-related condition that makes it difficult to focus on close objects. However, not everyone is able to adapt to progressive lenses. Some people may experience side effects such as dizziness, nausea, or headaches. Others may have difficulty with the peripheral distortion that is common with progressive lenses.

We have an amazing new option that feels very close to natural vision.  We call it the Bright Side Lifestyle Multifocal.  Speaking from personal experience, it feels like a single vision lens. Or rather as close to it as I could hope to get.  When compared to a top of the line progressive, where I look through the lens feels more natural.  I’m able to use the computer without having to think about where I position my head.

On the left is the design of our new Bright Side Lifestyle Multifocal, on the right is a progressive.  Even in the best progressive, the narrowest area will be the area that gives you intermediate vision.  Your computer falls into this range.  That is now one of the widest areas in our Bright Side LifeStyle Multifocal.  It also eliminates the distortion in the periphery.  You do get blur in periphery of the lens but it’s not distorted.

This is the perfect lens for anyone who has not been able to wear a progressive in the past.  It’s great for new wearers that are used to single vision lenses.  It’s fantastic for driving.  I almost feel like my dash looks 3D because it’s so clear.

Not ready to try it yet?  If you are a progressive non-adapt, there are a few things you can do to try to improve your tolerance for progressive lenses:

  • Give yourself time to adjust. It can take several weeks to fully adjust to progressive lenses. Be patient and keep wearing your glasses even if you are uncomfortable at first.
  • Start with a lower add power. The add power is the difference between your prescription for distance vision and your prescription for near vision. A lower add power will produce less distortion.
  • Choose a lens design that is known for being easy on the eyes. Some lens designs are better suited for people who have difficulty adapting to progressive lenses.
  • Switch to a Bright Side Lifestyle Multifocal

This is truly a revolutionary lens that I think everyone should try.  If you want to pick out glasses we do recommend an appointment so you will have no wait time and we can have someone ready to answer any questions you have.  You can call/text 512-651-5186 to schedule or email optical@westlakehillsvision.com

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo has been practicing optometry for 10 years, and proudly took ownership of Westlake Hills Vision Center in 2019. She has a passion for nutrition and practices a plant based approach to health and healing.

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