IPL Treatment

Say Goodbye to Dry Eye! This is a video of an IPL treatment at Westlake Hills Vision Center. You get to relax I’m a spa chair while the treatment is done. We provide you with a hair band while the treatment is done and give you the option of a heated towel to keep you comfy during your treatment and provide aftercare products the day of treatment. For this client we have used disposable IPL eye stickers to cover the eyes.

 So why am I doing IPL at an eye clinic? Because it’s very effective against dry eye. IPL will dampen down the inflammation around the eyes and in those glands that produce the tear film.  It helps them to work more effectively. Those glands produce the oily layer of your tear film. When the tear film has a good consistency and thickness your eyes feel more comfortable. 

IPL is attracted to color like freckles, age spots, and redness.  If any of these are in the treatment zone the IPL will lighten or get rid of them.  

For most patients that have had dry eye symptoms for an extended period of time, they develop inflammation on the eye and eyelids.  This treatment shuts that down and gives the eye a chance to return to normal.  

In a different post we’ll talk about ways to ensure that treatment lasts longer.  The inflammation and dryness happened for a reason and we want to eliminate as many factors as we can that were initially responsible.

Symptoms of dry eye: 

Difficulty wearing contacts 

Gritty, itchy uncomfortable eyes 


Blinking constantly 

Benefits of treatment: 

Easier to wear contacts 

Improves complexion 

Removes dark spots, freckles in treatment area Improved visual clarity 

Reduces skin redness 

Better eye comfort 

Can eliminate the need for dry eye drops 

More youthful looking skin 

Minimal downtime

We are having our launch on August 11th at 4PM! If you have any questions or would like to RSVP please call or text 512-651-5186.

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo has been practicing optometry for 10 years, and proudly took ownership of Westlake Hills Vision Center in 2019. She has a passion for nutrition and practices a plant based approach to health and healing.

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