Painting the back office!

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I’ve done my best to keep y’all updated as changes go on.  Luckily most of the changes we have done have not interfered with our regular business hours.  We had the back of the office painted to match the front. Something that I have been wanting to do for about 3.5 years and we finally did it!  The top right is the new look and the bottom left is the old.  Just look how much brighter it seems with the new carpet and flooring.  The lighting is actually exactly the same.

We used vegan, low VOC, eco-friendly paint so even though it was just done this weekend, you can’t tell by smell.  If you are wondering if we are going to paint the baseboards and doorframes, why yes we are.  They just didn’t get a chance to finish this past weekend.

The painting also gave us an opportunity to fix alot of the damaged dry wall that had occurred over the years.  Unfortunately I don’t have any of the original paint from before I owned the practice so we have just had to try and cover up the damage until now.

Above is a before and after of exam room 1.  As you may notice we changed pretty much everything in the exam room but the door.  We have a new exam chair and furniture, along with flooring, and paint.  The funny thing about when you update one thing is you notice that things that are left that aren’t updated don’t look as good.  So though it has been about an 8 month process the exam rooms are completely changed.

Below is exam room 2.  In this one we switched out a standard exam chair for a spa chair because this is where we do our IPL/RF dry eye treatments.  That chair can be easily cleaned and laid completely flat to accommodate patients during treatments.  If I’m ever running behind and you happen to be in that room, feel free to just lie yourself back and relax.

Next weekend we’ll have the baseboards and door frames done so we’ll be able to start putting things up on the wall.  I told a client we had just had the practice painted and she asked me if I was still picking paint out of my hair from it. I was like nope, it was not me that did it.  I used Eco Brush and Color.  They did the front of our office 3 years ago and did an exceptional job. So far, have done a great job in the back as well. I’m excited to see the finished product!

Let us know what you think.  You can email us at appointment@westlakehillsvision.com

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo has been practicing optometry for 10 years, and proudly took ownership of Westlake Hills Vision Center in 2019. She has a passion for nutrition and practices a plant based approach to health and healing.

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