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At Westlake Hills Vision Center, our optometrist is available to help you with most of your eye health and vision needs. As a trusted, local provider, you can expect us to be there for emergency needs or help you with preventative care. We work with patients of all ages. Our eyecare services are comprehensive, which means you need to visit just one provider to get all of the care and support you need.


Bringing you the highest quality eye care.

Our Dedication To You

We understand that your schedule is busy, so you may not have the time to run around to different locations for your various eye and vision care needs. This is exactly why we’re dedicated to being your one-stop shop for all things related to your eye health.

Put Your Trust In Us

We are happy to help you. You’ll always get exceptional service and support from our team. Talk to us about any of the eyecare services you need.

  • Contact Lens Exams
    Contact lenses require a specific type of exam to get proper fitting. Talk to our team about your current needs whether you are moving to contact lenses for the first time or just need a new prescription.
  • Eye Exam and Contact Lenses Fittings
    Meet with us today for updated prescriptions or ongoing contact lens refills. We’ll help teach you how to properly fit your contacts in your eyes and how to care for them as well.
  • Sunglasses
    When it comes to protecting your eyes, don’t forget the sunglasses. We have over 100 sunglass styles available. Choose those that are right for your specific needs including your face shape, style preferences, and even your budget.
  • Eyeglasses
    With over 400 frames in stock, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect type of eyeglasses for your needs. We offer options for all ages and sizes. You’ll also find a number of top name brands as well as budget-friendly products.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We recommend at least coming in one time a year for an eye exam or more frequently if you have vision or eye health concerns. Our exams help ensure your eyes remain healthy as long as possible.

Pediatric Eyecare

Your child’s eyes need constant attention even at a young age. We provide comprehensive support for your children. We offer objective tests and work hard to keep your kids entertained while doing the exam. This helps ensure an accurate result but also a fun atmosphere. We use visual acuity charts to ensure this. Since most kids don’t have much eyecare background, we stress the importance of bringing them in for a vision and eye health screening as young as possible.

  • LASIK Co-Management
    Are you thinking about LASIK as a vision correction option? This incredible opportunity is giving patients a new opportunity see clearly, and we can help! Come in for a pre-screening to learn more about LASIK.
  • Eye Conditions and Eye Disease Management and Treatment
    Keeping your eyes healthy is essential. We offer diagnosis and treatment options for conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and much more. We’ll work alongside your physician to help with protecting your vision over the long-term.
  • Eye Allergies
    If your eyes are itchy or you have flu-like symptoms, especially in the spring and fall, you could have cedar fever or an oak allergy. Itchy, red and watery eyes can be treated with proper care from our team.
  • Ortho-K
    Corneal reshaping, a procedure known as Ortho-K is an excellent way to improve your child’s vision at a young age and reduce nearsightedness.
  • Dry Eyes
    Are you suffering from itchy, scratchy eyes? Dry eyes is an eye condition that’s often treatable. Talk to our team about your symptoms.


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