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A first time eyeglass wearer or a seasoned veteran, we understand that your eyewear purchase is about more than just a frame and lenses. It’s quality eyewear that compliments you, as an individual and that meets and even exceeds your visual needs.  Now that’s a game changer!  We are stylists with a passion for helping you find the perfect combination of form and function.  We love what we do and it is reflected in the positive vibe that is felt in our office. Come experience eyewear selection in a new and refreshing way.  We know you won’t be disappointed!

What lines do we carry currently you ask?  We recently added more  independent, sustainably made eyewear such as l.a. Eyeworks, Francois Pinton, Mattisse, Gotti, Chopard, Binoche, David Spencer Eyewear, Henau, Blackfin, Catch London, Morgan Davies 1888 and Henry Jullien.  Some of our others include Plein Les Mirettes and Francois Pinton.

Catherine De'Medici Is IN!

This is a beautifully crafted line out of Europe that has an upscale elegance to it.  We just got it in last month and it is already flying off the shelves.

Plein Les Mirettes

Feminine shapes complimented by bold color combinations are at the heart of Plein Les Mirettes. Designers Christophe and Pascal wanted to create a line of eyewear that was as beautiful and unique as the women who would be wearing their pieces.  Each collection symbolizes a different personality: Lady, Diva, Rebel…and allows the wearer to express exactly who they want to embody for the day.  Each frame design is created as a limited series collection of 75 pieces per color, so individuality is guaranteed.  Combining style and functionality, these pieces are truly gorgeous accessories for the face. 

L. A. Eyeworks

LA Eyeworks stands as one of the most iconic American eyewear brands to exist today. For more than four decades, founders Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi have pushed the limits of what eyeglasses can represent as a daily fashion accessory. Expressive shapes and an unapologetic use of color set this line apart from the crowd. Trendsetter does not even begin to describe the collection as they consistently go above and beyond their peers. Those who wear LA Eyeworks frames turn heads everywhere they go and are sure to receive a plethora of compliments. As their iconic black and white advertisements of bespectacled artists, actors and more express: “A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame.”

Franois Pinton

Exquisite craftmanship and passion for style are at the forefront of Francois Pinton eyewear.  Originating in Paris in the roaring twenties, artisan jeweler Robert Francois Pinton created an eyewear line that would quickly become synonymous with chic and glamorous pieces that will last a lifetime.  During the sixties and seventies, his son Dominque Pinton would continue the legacy when he became the personal optician for European elite, including a one-of-a-kind piece for Aristotle Onassis.  He would continue to create beloved silhouettes for iconic women such as Jacky Onassis, Brigitte Bardot, and Grace Kelly.  Often imitated, but never duplicated, these styles are still handmade in Paris today.  Come experience the excellence of this classically French eyewear house at Westlake Hills Vision Center.


At the heart of Binoche is the question, “What is art if not unique, individual, and personal?”  This Belgian brand is designed in Antwerp and manufactured in collaboration with the best facilities in France and Italy, ensuring that quality is always at the forefront.  Celebrating twenty years of creating eye-catching pieces, Binoche is a modern trendsetter among peers.  Always detail oriented, each piece features thoughtful elements such as rolled metal temples and flattering color combinations.  


Inspired by French artist Henri Matisse, Mattisse Eyewear combines hand painted materials with timeless shapes to create “happy frames.”  Started by husband-and-wife duo Meryl and Sammy, these pieces are designed in New York and crafted in Italy. Due to the hand-made nature of each piece, no two frames are alike.  This makes Mattisse Eyewear a fun line to wear and a true conversation starter. Each piece is protected by a state-of-the-art laminate process that helps to extend the long life of the unique product.  When coming up with new designs, Meryl utilizes her art degree and pulls inspiration from decades of rich art history as well as natural elements, such as butterflies.


Chopard is a name synonymous with timeless elegance and quality among those who collect jewelry and timepieces.  Now, explore the world through a new lens with the Chopard Eyewear collection.  Feminine frames feature details prominent in Chopard’s iconic Ice Cube, Imperiale, and Happy Diamond jewelry pieces.  Men’s pieces are classic, yet contemporary; many of these frames feature hand-made constructions and combinations of materials such as carbon fiber, rubber, or wood.  The cherry on top is the “Journey to Sustainable Luxury” that Chopard has committed to since 2013.  Ethical gold is sourced from small-scale and artisanal mines in Peru and Colombia.  Feel as good as you look wearing this fully sustainable eyewear. 


Made in Switzerland and featuring a minimal design and ultralight feel, Gotti Perspective frames are perfect for those who want to explore a sleek, rimless look.  A customizable system featuring different sizing and color options allows the wearer to create virtually limitless looks.  Uncomplicated in design, the body of the frame doesn’t utilize traditional connection methods, such as screws or glue, to assemble your perfect pair.  These pieces were highly popularized when Oprah Winfrey wore her “OR02” frames in her exclusive interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  The classic rimless style can be accessorized with “Bold” and “Loop” 3D-printed accents in a variety of color options, making the frames even more outstanding.

David Spencer Eyewear

David Spencer has spent a lifetime around eyewear as the son of an optometrist.  Years after opening his own high-end optical store in the heart of the Minneapolis arts and cultural scene, David was able to find the gaps missing in the eyewear industry and eventually pivoted to creating his own namesake line.  The pieces are designed, sketched, and conceptualized in Minneapolis, Minnesota before being hand-crafted in Japan. David’s passion for his craft can be felt when wearing one of his pieces.

Henry Jullien

Henry Jullien stands apart from the crowd by using proprietary materials and specialized techniques to ensure that their frames are made-to-last.  The collection consists of an Origin Series and the Nano Studio Series. Origin Series frames are hand assembled by Henry Jullien artisans in their factory at Lons Le Saunier in Jura-France.  Each piece is certifiably gold-filled, which is 100 times thicker compared to the much more common gold plating, and just a step down from solid gold when it comes to quality and value.  The frames each get a finish in either 18K gold, palladium, or ruthenium plating.  The Nano Studio Series frames are created using Nanofit Steel alloy, a proprietary metal that utilizes “nanotechnology to modify the molecular structure of traditional stainless-steel alloy.” This creates a stronger, more flexible material that is resistant to tarnishing and abrasions.  Classic silhouettes meet timeless materials in this unique men’s line.  


If you’re in the market for intriguing eyewear, look no further than Henau.  This Belgian-based eyewear house blends avant-garde silhouettes with unique colorways to create pieces that are sure to turn heads everywhere you go!  Everything is hand drawn by designer Marc Delagrange and then carefully crafted by optical artisans in France and Japan.  Popular frame styles can often be found in a vast array of color selections, as Henau is loyal to the shapes that make them stand out.  

Catch London and Morgan Davies

From the House of Tom Davies comes two exciting new lines: Catch London and Morgan Davies 1888.  Tom Davies is an iconic eyewear designer from Britain; his original namesake line specializes in bespoke eyewear. These new lines are his way of exploring new avenues in the industry.  Every Catch London frame is handcrafted in their West London factory using high-quality materials and named after an iconic London street.  The frame styles are heavily influenced by classic London styles, and the materials are made inside the Catch London acetate kitchen, where custom acetate colors can be created in a matter of minutes.  Morgan Davies 1888, named after Tom Davies’ great-great grandfather, is a heritage line that features classic pieces that will certainly appeal to a wide variety of people.  Every small detail was carefully thought out, from the vintage-inspired temple tip design to the durable, patent-pending hinges featuring stainless steel.  In addition to the impeccable handiwork, each piece can be customized with nose pads and the three size options. 



The world’s purest titanium from Japan and expert craftsmen in Italy pair together to make Blackfin, Westlake Hills Vision Center’s newest exclusive eyewear collection.  Each frame feels lighter-than-air and features skin-friendly materials; Blackfin titanium is nontoxic and contains no residue of nickel or other heavy metals, meaning it won’t cause allergies or irritation.  The temples are cut to be thin and flexible, adapting comfortably to the wearer.  Overall, the aesthetic is impeccably minimalistic: perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice comfort, style, or durability. 


As a brand, Woow asks its wearers to stand out from the crowd.  Fantastical color combinations, including some truly watercolor-like patters, mix playfully with flattering shapes to create a collection that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  These French designs can easily translate into your day to day wardrobe.  Distinct micro-collections among the brand share similar design DNA across a variety of sizes and shapes, ensuring that just about anyone can find something withing Woow to fall in love with.