Transitions, Polarized, Special Offers

All about our extras

Transitions $140

This is like having 2 pairs of glasses in 1.  Your lenses will change from clear to sunglasses whenever they are exposed to UV.  Keep in mind they will not darken all the way when in the car because the windshield blocks UV.

Polarized $20

Polarized lenses block horizontal light.  This makes them ideal for water activities and golfing.  You will find if you look at electronic devices, like your phone or car dash, it interferes with how well you can see. *pricing takes into account removal of regular AR and use of backside AR only

Tint $30

This lens is great for driving and being able to see your dash and phone.

*pricing independent of AR

Mirror $75

Love that mirrored look.

*pricing independent of AR

Special Offers

Multiple Pair Offer

If you buy 2 complete pairs of glasses we give you 50% off the lenses of the second pair. So if you buy 4 pairs of glasses, you will get 2 sets of lenses at half price. This can be a saving of up to $500+

30% off a complete pair of glasses when you buy a year supply of contacts