Westlake Hills Vision Center Blog

12/115/2019: I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year. We are going through so many changes right now. We are switching over to Crystal PM for an EMR system. This will allow us once we are all settle do do all consent forms online for both new and established patients. It will also allow you to update your medical record. Eventually we’ll be able to use it schedule appointments from the website as well. 🙂

We are also switching our phones over to Weave. This will allow us to send a text when we miss a phone call to see what you were calling about and we can communicate through text as well. It syncs with our EMR so when you call in it will give us a better idea of who is calling and give you a more seamless experience. 🙂 We should be up and running with Weave by mid-January.

10/12/2019 : It’s been a little while since I put and update here. We are innovating and updating as best we can. As of today we have an online webstore available ( http://www.yourlens.com/westlakehillsvision)
where patients are able to order lenses. That way you can order as soon as you remember and not have to wait for during our business hours.

On the website you are able to take advantage of the year supply discount, can have them shipped to your home or office, AND we will email you the manufacturer rebate if applicable. You always get the most out of your order when doing the year supply because you get a 5% discount AND a manufacturer rebate which is only available if you go through a private practice.

If you are a current patient we can also verify your prescription with what’s in our system to ensure the correct lenses and power was ordered.