Woow is You!

Woow frames on display

We are so excited to welcome Woow into our optical.  I don’t think there is any better way to describe the gloriousness of these frames than by stealing a snippet from the frame lines own website.


Carried away by its positive energy, the new WOOW collection will live up to your wildest dreams. Resolutely anti-crisis eyewear shares the limelight with this free-spirited line, whose mission is to open up new horizons! Even mightier than the news, the hard knocks and the masks that cover our faces, these glasses have the wind in their sails and an infectious joy!  

DREAM BIG, GOING OUT, BRIGHT SIDE, CARRY ON, BE SAFE… or how to wear names as cool, comforting and unique as you are, for a WOOW IS YOU effect!

The winds of openness and freedom are blowing through the design of each of our models: the shapes have become larger and more assertive, in a spirit as cool as it is trendy, reminiscent of the celebrated 70s… completely reinvented! The colour palette is updated to give way to the expression of a whole new joy: iridescent, electric and strong blues, refreshing granitas and rainbow gradients push the WOOW spirit to its peak.

A freshness and energy that makes you want to let go and be surprised… all the while giving the best of yourself!

More than ever in these unprecedented times, a joyful and offbeat spirit is at the heart of the brand’s intentions: welcome to the land of striking glasses that dream of life getting back on track and celebrate the positive while waiting for it to resume.

Ask for the line-up and see for yourself: WOOW IS YOU!”


Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo

Dr. Susan Elizondo has been practicing optometry for 10 years, and proudly took ownership of Westlake Hills Vision Center in 2019. She has a passion for nutrition and practices a plant based approach to health and healing.

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